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Image of Silk Satin Face Mask / Pink Image of Silk Satin Face Mask / Pink Image of Silk Satin Face Mask / Pink Image of Silk Satin Face Mask / Pink

Introducing our 100 % biodegradable, reusable face mask! A sustainable option for a polypropylene disposable face mask. 

Polypropylene masks cannot be recycled through conventional recycling facilities. They should be disposed of through litter bins into landfill. However, you see them awful a lot being thrown on the streets and floating in the rivers every day. When they are in one piece, wild life will get tangled into the elastic loops. They are not going to biodegrade either. They will break up and eventually disappear in 450 years time bringing more micro plastic into the sea and food chain.

Our non-medical mask is made from 100 % silk. In nature, time to biodegrade for silk will take from weeks to a year depending on circumstances. You can safely dispose of it with your kitchen waste. Our masks don't contain any non biodegradable parts, such as elastics or loops that would be harmful for animals. 

We sustainably produce our masks from our own production waste; strike offs and dead stock fabrics producing no more waste to the environment.

Silk is the most comfortable and hypoallergenic material against the skin. There’s two layers that allow you to insert a filter when needed. Wash it with non-toxic detergent such as shampoo or washing detergent for delicates and iron the pleats flat to sterilise it and to make it beautiful again.

Material: 100 % Silk Satin
Hand wash with silk detergent
Made in England

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